Ritter Park Tennis


The Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District knows Tennis enthusiasts are ready to play when the weather allows!  Therefore, and to help accommodate the Spring High School practices, we’re turning the lights back on at the Ritter Park Tennis Center!  Each day, the lights are currently scheduled to come on just before sunset and will stay on until 10:00 PM. 

We invite you to come out in the evening, or anytime you’re able and enjoy Free tennis at the best outdoor facility around, the Ritter Park Tennis Center!


If you’re interested in taking lessons, you can contact Matt Kleber or Bill Randolph. 


Matt Kleber played on the ATP Tour and will be teaching at the Tennis Center. He can be reached at 727.741.0124

Bill Randolph will be providing tennis lessons. The cost for Private Lessons is $60, but two students will be able to share lessons together for $25 each. Bill is Professional Tennis Registry Certified and has been instructing since 1998. He is a retired Elementary/Middle School teacher. Bill can be reached at 304.522.1218


Tennis Court Reservation Information:

Ritter Park tennis courts are available on a first come, first served basis unless already specified on the court gate that the court is reserved.

To reserve a tennis court for your team or for yourself for the season, contact the Park District at 304-696-5954 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  a small fee is required to reserve courts on an ongoing basis.