Mission Statement:

To provide a wide variety of year-round recreation programs, safe facilities, parks, open space and natural areas that respond to the needs and desires of the community as we strive to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors to our area.


Dr. Rocco Morabito – District 1


Commissioner Morabito is a Huntington native and West Virginia University Graduate. Dr. Morabito is a Huntington area Urologist who began practicing in 1981 and continues his work today. Dr. Morabito is an accomplished musician who plays keyboard for the Oakwood Road Band. Commissioner Morabito’s term ends in 2024.


Gordon D. Jones – District 1

Vice President

Commissioner Jones was a Cum Laude Graduate of West Virginia University where he received a Master's Degree in Public Administration. He has been a City, County and Regional Planner, a Grant Writer and a Town Manager. Commissioner Jones’ term ends in 2026.


Kim Miller – District 1


Commissioner Miller began her first term on the Park Board of Commissioners in January 2017. She has been a resident of Huntington since arriving at Marshall University where she completed her Master’s Degree in 1987. Commissioner Miller has worked at a local Non-Profit Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center, Prestera Center, where she has served the Community and the Organization for the past 27 years. She is a Master Addictions Counselor and holds several State Certifications and now serves on the Executive Leadership Team as the Director of Corporate Development. Commissioner Miller is member at First Presbyterian Church and several Civic Organizations. Her skills include project implementation and management, grant writing, budget development and management, policy and procedure, strategic planning, fundraising, media relations, marketing and advertising. She looks forward to applying her experience to her role as Park Board Commissioner. Commissioner Miller’s term ends in 2022.


Paul King – District 1

Commissioner King has been a Huntington resident since 2000 when he moved here to attend Marshall University. He graduated in 2004 with a degree in Sports Management and Marketing. Commissioner King is the owner of DunRIGHT Construction, Kingdom Property Group, and Co-Owner of Jiveking, LLC.; all of which are companies engaged in residential construction, rental and property management. Commissioner King and his wife Shandalia are the proud parents of a rambunctious little girl named Lyla. Commissioner King remains active in athletics and looks forward to seeking out opportunities to increase participation in the many recreational leagues and events the Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District provides for our community. Commissioner King’s term ends in 2022.


Jill LaFear – District 1

Commissioner LaFear was born and raised in Huntington.  She owns Ackenpucky, a design firm, which has helped to change the face of downtown Huntington over the past decade. She serves on other committees where she works to help find innovative solutions to aid in the efforts to transform our city. Commissioner LaFear is married to artist, David Seth Cyfers, and they have three children together. Commissioner LaFear’s term ends in 2024.


Don McCroskey – District 2

Commissioner McCroskey states that it has been his privilege to serve his Community as a Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District Commissioner since taking office in 1993, and he looks forward to continuing his service. Working with the GHPRD Director, GHPRD employees and his fellow Commissioners has been his pleasure and in his time as Commissioner he has seen vast improvements benefitting our citizens. Commissioner McCroskey’s term ends in 2022.


Alan S. Morrison – District 1

Commissioner Morrison was born and raised in Huntington and graduated Huntington High School in 1971. Commissioner Morrison earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1975, and went on to earn his Master's Degree in 1977. Commissioner Morrison is co-owner of C.I. Thornburg Co. Inc., and has been married to Katherine for 37 years, has two children, three grandchildren and is a member of First Presbyterian Church. Commissioner Morrison’s term ends in 2024.


Randall Rhoades – District 2

Commissioner Rhoades has served on the Park Board of Commissioners since 2002. Born and raised in Huntington, Commissioner Rhoades graduated from Huntington East High School in 1957, when he began working in a local clothing store. Soon after, he became a stock broker with Smith Barney and eventually Vice President of Merrill Lynch of Ashland. Commissioner Rhoades was the driving force behind the Healing Field and Bell Tower fund-raising efforts. The Memorial Bell Tower now stands proudly at Spring Hill Cemetery. Commissioner Rhoades’ term ends in 2026.


Stacy Wehrle – District 3

Commissioner Wehrle came to Huntington in 1958 and has been in the HVAC and Sheet Metal industry for 55 years. His education background includes graduating from Stonewall High School and College at Morris Harvey and York Institute where he received his degree in RHVAC Applied Engineering. He is married to Alice, and has two daughters Nancy and Rita. Commissioner Wehrle spent over five years in the Navy, is a Korean War Veteran and is very active in the American Legion on local and State levels. He is an Elder in his Church, a Member of the Rotary Club and is active in several other Civic Organizations. Commissioner Wehrle’s term ends in 2022.


Bill Sanders – District 2

Commissioner Bill Sanders resides in Milton, WV. His career in WV Public Education began at Guyan Valley High School. He then transferred to Buffalo High School to teach and coach and was the Assistant Principal and also served as Principal there. He then transferred to Hurricane High School where he served as Principal for twelve years until his retirement in 2004. Commissioner Sanders taught Sunday School; led the Choir; was a Lay Speaker; and, a member of The Sanders Family Southern Gospel Group. He was the Audio Technician at the Milton Performing Arts Center for 5 years; served as a Trustee and Deacon at Milton Baptist Church; and, a Member of the Sanctuary Choir for twenty years. He is a Second Year Member of the Milton Lions Club and a Member of The Gideons International. He and his wife, Irene, are currently Members of the River Ridge Church in Hurricane where they are joined by their Children and Grandchildren each Sunday.


Mark Chambers – District Westmoreland

Commissioner Mark Chambers was born in South Williamson, KY.  He lived in Williamson, WV until 1970 when he moved to Huntington, WV.  He married his High School Sweetheart Kim Chambers and they have two boys Zach and Andrew who are both attending Marshall University majoring in Engineering.  Commissioner Chambers graduated from Vinson High School and in 1989 from Marshall University.  He worked in the computer industry from 1989 to 1992; five and a half years with Rhone Poulenc-Rorer; 3 years for Parke-Davis and has worked for Pfizer since 2000.  He is active with his Church serving in several different roles and has been active in his Community serving as a Coach and Youth Baseball and Basketball Boards.  Commissioner Chambers has a deep sense of pride in his Hometown of Huntington and the Communities within it.  He grew up a big fan of the Parks in Huntington and all they offer while picnicking, walking, biking, running, playing tennis, taking his boys and dogs on walks and just enjoying the beauty of the Parks Facilities.  He looks forward to serving on the Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District’s Board of Park Commissioners.