The Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District takes great pride in the care of its Historic Cemeteries. 

Spanning 110 acres near Huntington's Southeast Hills, Spring Hill Cemetery is the resting place for many of Huntington's noteworthy trailblazers and families. One hallowed gravesite is the Marshall Memorial, the burial site of six members of the 1970 Marshall University Football Team, who perished in a tragic plane crash along with 69 other players, coaches, supporters and crew members. The Cemetery is also home to the Spring Hill Memorial Bell Tower.  The 600 pound Bronze Bell stands to honor Veterans, lost loved ones and victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, including Huntington native Dr. Paul Ambrose, one of the Nation's rising stars in public health.  Dr. Ambrose was killed in the crash at the Pentagon and laid to rest at Spring Hill Cemetery next to the Memorial Bell Tower.

Huntington has named a City wide wellness trail in Dr. Ambrose's honor.  The PATH, or Paul Ambrose Trail for Health, winds through Spring Hill Cemetery.  It has long been a popular spot for runners and walkers where they can watch the sunset beyond the Marshall Memorial or begin their day amidst the morning dew mingled with thousands of engraved names rich with ancestry.  The beloved space, with some gravesites' history stretching back to the Civil War Era and beyond, is one that the Park District strives to maintain with utmost care as a place of reverence to the past and present.

With the highest number of Veterans per capita in West Virginia than any other State, Spring Hill Cemetery is proud to honor Veterans of all the Wars in various dedicated areas on the Grounds. The Stars & Stripes wave in the breeze over one of the most historic Veterans sections in the State and each Veterans grave is decorated with its own flag on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.

A beautiful place all year long, Spring Hill Cemetery is especially breathtaking in early September when the Park District annually displays nearly 3,000 flags as a tribute to the victims of September 11.  The Healing Field display is also a memorial to all loved ones lost and provides an opportunity during the week of September 11 for Veterans, Community Members and Guests to visit the Cemetery for reflection.

For a full and historical perspective of Spring Hill Cemetery stop by the Office for a printout of its walking tour featuring gravesites of Civil War Generals and Soldiers, prominent Huntington families, pioneers in local politics and businesses was well as educational and faith leaders.  


Healing Field at Spring Hill Cemetery Video


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