The Ritter Park Rose Garden is owned and operated by The Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District
Caretaker:  Truman Watts

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Rose Clippings Available to Public
The Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District will offer free to the public, rose clippings (slips) from the Ritter Park Rose Garden on Wednesday, November 1, 2006 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The clippings may be obtained in the garden along with instructions on how to grow them.  For more information, please call the park district at 696-5954.

Since 1934, West Virginia's nationally recognized municipal rose garden containing 1,000 plants and noted for it's All-American Rose Selections.  It is an accredited test garden and a favorite spot for weddings and receptions.

Ritter Park off McCoy Road (8th Street Hill).
I-64 Exits 8 & 11.

Caretaker:  Truman Watts

If you have ever visited HuntingtonŅ©tter Park Rose Garden, chances are you might have seen Truman Watts there. Rain or shine for the past 15+ years, Watts, 58, of West Hamlin has worked the garden as general manager for the Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District.

In 1989, Watts was asked to move from a maintenance position with the Huntington Park and Recreation District to be the first appointed full-time general manager of the Rose Garden.

Ritter Parką·°-year-old Rose Garden currently houses around 2,000 bushes according to Jim McClelland, Director and Secretary of the Huntington Park and Recreation District. About 500 to 700 of those bushes have been planted during Watts?tenure.

The Rose Garden features many different types and colors of roses with names such as, "Queen Elisabeth," "Moonstone," and "St. Patrick" and Watts applies his specific care to all. Watts uses mushroom compost soil, which he says helps hold the water best.

"They say that all men are created equal. That saying does not apply to roses." Watts said. "Each species of rose requires different care."

The Rose Garden is home to weddings, proposals, prom photos and more. Watts says his motivation is the people he meets and seeing first hand the joy the garden brings.

With the addition of the multipurpose facility called "A Room With A View" in 1999, the Ritter Park Rose Garden continues to lead the way as the jewel of the park system.



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